40 CFR § 790.62 - Submission of study plans and conduct of testing.

§ 790.62 Submission of study plans and conduct of testing.

(a) Timing of submission. The principal sponsor of testing conducted pursuant to a consent agreement shall submit a study plan no later than 45 days prior to the initiation of testing.

(b) Content of study plans. All study plans are required to contain the following information:

(1) Identity of the consent agreement under which testing will be performed.

(2) The specific test requirements to be covered by the study plan.

(3) The name and address of the principal test sponsor.

(4) The names, addresses, and telephone numbers of the responsible administrative official[s] and project manager[s] in the principal sponsor's organization.

(5) The names, addresses, and telephone numbers of the technical contacts at each manufacturer and/or processor subject to the agreement.

(6) The names and addresses of the testing facilities responsible for the testing and the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of the administrative officials[s] and project manager[s] assigned to oversee the testing program at these facilities.

(7) Brief summaries of the training and experience of each professional involved in the study, including study director, veterinarian[s], toxicologist[s], pathologist[s], chemist[s], microbiologist[s], and laboratory assistants.

(8) Identity and supporting data on the chemical substance[s] being tested, including physical constants, spectral data, chemical analysis, and stability under test and storage conditions, as appropriate.

(9) Study protocol, including the rationale for any combination of test protocols; the rationale for species/strain selection; dose selection (and supporting data); route(s) or method(s) of exposure; description of diet to be used and its source, including nutrients and contaminants and their concentrations; for in vitro test systems, a description of culture medium and its source; and a summary of expected spontaneous chronic diseases (including tumors), genealogy, and life span.

(10) A schedule, with reasonable timeables and deadlines, for initiation and completion of each short-term test and of each major phases of long-term tests, and submission of interim progress and/or final reports to EPA.

(c) Review and modification.

(1) Upon receipt of a study plan, EPA will review it to determine whether it complies with paragraph (b) of this section. If EPA determines that the study plan does not comply with paragraph (b) of this section, EPA will notify the submitter that the plan is incomplete and will identify the deficiencies and the steps necessary to complete the plan. It is the responsibility of the test sponsor to review the study protocols to determine if they comply with all the mandatory testing conditions and requirements in the test standards (i.e., “shall statements”).

(2) The submitter will have 15 days after the day it receives a notice under paragraph (c)(1) of this section to submit appropriate information to make the study plan complete.

(3) If the submitter fails to provide appropriate information to complete a study plan within 15 days after having received a notice under paragraph (c)(1) of this section, the submitter will be considered to be in violation of the consent agreement and subject to enforcement proceedings pursuant to § 790.65 (c) and (d).

(4) The test sponsor shall submit any amendments to study plans to EPA using the method specified in § 790.5(b).

(d) Functions of the principal test sponsor. When testing is being conducted pursuant to a consent agreement, the principal test sponsor will be responsible for submitting interim progress and final reports to EPA, informing the Agency of any proposed changes in standards for the development of data, study plans or testing schedules, and communicating with the Agency about laboratory inspections and other matters affecting the progress of testing.

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