40 CFR § 791.39 - Fees and expenses.

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§ 791.39 Fees and expenses.

(a) Administrative fees.

(1) As a not-for-profit organization, the American Arbitration Association shall prescribe an Administrative Fee Schedule and a Refund Schedule to compensate it for the cost of providing administrative services. The schedule in effect at the time of filing or the time of refund shall be applicable.

(2) The administrative fees shall be advanced by the initiating party or parties, subject to final apportionment by the hearing officer in the award. The administrative fee is increased by 10 percent of the original for each additional party.

(b) Expenses. All expenses of the hearing, including the cost of recording (though not transcribing) the hearing and required traveling and other expenses of the hearing officer and of American Arbitration Association representatives, and the expenses of any witness or the cost of any proofs produced at the direct request of the hearing officer, shall be borne equally by the parties, unless they agree otherwise, or unless the hearing officer, in the award, assesses such expenses or any part thereof against any specified party or parties.

(c) Hearing officer's fee. Hearing officers will normally serve without a fee. In prolonged or special cases the American Arbitration Association in consultation with the Administrator may determine that payment of a fee by the parties is appropriate and may establish a reasonable amount, taking into account the extent of service by the hearing officer and other relevant circumstances of the case. Any arrangements for compensation shall be made through the American Arbitration Association and not directly between the parties and the hearing officer.

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