40 CFR § 97.280 - Applicability.

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§ 97.280 Applicability.

A CAIR SO2opt-in unit must be a unit that:

(a) Is located in a State that submits, and for which the Administrator approves, a State implementation plan revision in accordance with § 51.124(r)(1), (2), or (3) of this chapter establishing procedures concerning CAIR opt-in units;

(b) Is not a CAIR SO2unit under § 97.204 and is not covered by a retired unit exemption under § 97.205 that is in effect;

(c) Is not covered by a retired unit exemption under § 72.8 of this chapter that is in effect and is not an opt-in source under part 74 of this chapter;

(d) Has or is required or qualified to have a title V operating permit or other federally enforceable permit; and

(e) Vents all of its emissions to a stack and can meet the monitoring, recordkeeping, and reporting requirements of subpart HH of this part.