40 CFR Appendix 1 to Part 3 - Priority Reports

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Appendix 1 to Part 3 - Priority Reports
Category Description 40 CFR Citation
Required Reports
State Implementation Plan Emissions data reports for mobile sources 51.60(c).
Excess Emissions and Monitoring Performance Report Compliance Notification Report Excess emissions and monitoring performance report detailing the magnitude of excess emissions, and provides the date, time, and system status at the time of the excess emission 60.7(c), 60.7(d).
New Source Performance Standards Reporting Requirements Semi-annual reports (quarterly, if report is approved for electronic submission by the permitting authority) on sulfur dioxide, nitrous oxides and particulate matter emission (includes reporting requirements in Subparts A through DDDD) 60.49a(e) & (j) & (v), 60.49b(v).
Semi-annual Operations and Corrective Action Reports Semi-annual report provides information on a company's exceedance of its sulfur dioxide emission rate, sulfur content of the fresh feed, and the average percent reduction and average concentration of sulfur dioxide. When emissions data is unavailable, a signed statement is required which documents the changes, if any, made to the emissions control system that would impact the company's compliance with emission limits 60.107(c), 60.107(d).
National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants Reporting Requirements Include such reports as: Annual compliance, calculation, initial startup, compliance status, certifications of compliance, waivers from compliance certifications, quarterly inspection certifications, operations, and operations and process change 61.11, 61.24(a)(3) & (a)(8), 61.70(c)(1) & (c)(2)(v) & (c)(3) & (c)(4)(iv), 61.94(a) & (b)(9), 61.104(a) & (a)(1)(x) & (a)(1)(xi) & (a)(1)(xvi), 61.138(e) & (f), 61.165(d)(2) & (d)(3) & (d)(4) & (f)(1) & (f)(2) &(f)(3), 61.177(a)(2) & (c)(1) & (c)(2) & (c)(3) & (e)(1) & (e)(3), 61.186(b)(1) & (b)(2) & (b)(3) & (c)(1) & (f)(1), 61.247(a)(1) & (a)(4) & (a)(5)(v) & (b)(5) & (d), 61.254(a)(4), 61.275(a) & (b) & (c), 61.305(f) & (i), 61.357(a) & (b) & (c) & (d), 63.9(h).
Hazardous Air Pollutants Compliance Report Reports containing results from performance test, opacity tests, and visible emissions tests. Progress reports; periodic and immediate startup, shutdown, and malfunction reports; results from continuous monitoring system performance evaluations; excess emissions and continuous monitoring system performance report; or summary report 63.10(d), 63.10(e)(1), 63.10(e)(3).
Notifications and Reports Reports that document a facility's initial compliance status, notification of initial start-up, and periodic reports which includes the startup, shutdown, and malfunction reports discussed in 40 CFR 65.6(c) 65.5(d), 65.5(e).
Continuous Emissions Monitoring Quarterly emissions monitoring reports and opacity reports which document a facility's excess emission 75.64, 75.65.
Notice of Fuel or Fuel Additive Registration and Health Effects Testing Registration of new fuels and additives, and the submission and certification of health effect data 79.10, 79.11, 79.20, 79.21, 79.51.
Manufacture In-Use and Product Line Emissions Testing Reports that document the emissions testing results generated from the in-use testing program for new and in-use highway vehicle ignition engines; non-road spark-ignition engines; marine spark-ignition engines; and locomotives and locomotive engines 86.1845, 86.1846, 86.1847, 90.113, 90.1205, 90.704, 91.805, 91.504, 92.607, 92.508, 92.509.
Industrial and Publicly Owned Treatment Works Reports Discharge monitoring reports for all individual permittees - including baseline reports, pretreatment standards report, periodic compliance reports, and reports made by significant industrial users 122.41(l)(4)(i), 403.12(b) & (d) & (e) & (h).
Event Driven Notices
State Implementation Plan Owners report emissions data from stationary sources 51.211.
Report For Initial Performance Test Report that provides the initial performance test results, site-specific operating limits, and, if installed, information on the bag leak detection device used by the facility 60.2200 (initial performance tests).
Emissions Control Report Report submitted by new sources within 90 days of set-up which describes emission control equipment used, processes which generate asbestos-containing waste material, and disposal information 61.153(a)(1), 61.153(a)(4)(i), 61.153(a)(5)(ii).
State Operating Permits - Permit Content Monitoring and deviation reports under the State Operating Permit 70.6(a)(3)(iii)(A), 70.6(a)(3)(iii)(B).
Title V Permits - Permit Content Monitoring and deviation reports under the Federal Operating Permit 71.6(a)(3)(iii).
Annual Export Report Annual report summarizing the amount and type of hazardous waste exported 262.56(a).
Exceptions Reports Reports submitted by a generator when the generator has not received confirmation from the Treatment, Storage, and Disposal Facility (TSDF) that it received the generator's waste and when hazardous waste shipment was received by the TSDF. For exports, reports submitted when the generator has not received a copy of the manifest from the transporter with departure date and place of export indicated; and confirmation from the consignee that the hazardous waste was received or when the hazardous waste is returned to the U.S 262.42, 262.55.
Contingency Plan Implementation Reports Follow-up reports made to the Agency for all incidents noted in the operating record which required the implementation of a facility's contingency plan 264.56(j), 265.56(j).
Significant Manifest Discrepancy Report Report filed by Treatment, Storage, and Disposal Facilities (TSDF) within 15 days of receiving wastes, when the TSDF is unable to resolve manifest discrepancies with the generator 264.72(b), 265.72(b).
Unmanifested Waste Report Report that documents hazardous waste received by a Treatment, Storage, and Disposal Facility without an accompanying manifest 264.76, 265.76.
Noncompliance Report An owner/operator submitted report which documents hazardous waste that was placed in hazardous waste management units in noncompliance with 40 CFR sections 264.1082(c)(1) and (c)(2); 264.1084(b); 264.1035(c)(4); or 264.1033(d) 264.1090.
Notification - Low Level Mixed Waste One-time notification concerning transportation and disposal of conditionally exempted waste 266.345.
Notification - Land Disposal Restrictions One-time notification and certification that characteristic waste is no longer hazardous 268.9(d).
Underground Storage Tank Notification Underground Storage Tank system notifications concerning design, construction, and installation. As well as when systems are being placed in operation. (EPA Form 7530-1 or state version.) 280.22.
Free Product Removal Report and Subsequent Investigation Report Report written and submitted within 45 days after confirming a free product release, including information on the release and recovery methods used for the free product, and when test indicate presence of free product, response measures 280.64, 280.65.
Manufacture or Import Premanufacture Notification Premanufacture notification of intent to begin manufacturing, importing, or processing chemicals identified in Subpart E for significant new use (forms 7710-56 and 7710-25) 720.102, 721.25.
Permit Applications 1
State Implementation Plan Information describing the source, its construction schedule, and the planned continuous emissions reductions system 52.21(n).
State Operating Permits Reports, notices, or other written submissions required by a State Operating Permit 70.6(c)(1).
Title V Permits - Permit Content Reports, notices, or other written submissions required by a Title V Operating Permit 71.6(c)(1), 71.25(c)(1).
Title V Permits Specific criteria for permit modifications and or revisions, including a certification statement by a responsible official 71.7(e(2)(ii)(c).
Reclaimer Certification Certification made by a reclaimer that the refrigerant was reprocessed according to specifications and that no more than 1.5% of the refrigerant was released during the reclamation 82.164.
Application for Certification and Statement of Compliance Control of Emissions for New and In-Use Highway Vehicles and Engines statement of compliance made by manufacturer, attesting that the engine family complies with standards for new and in-use highway vehicles and engines 86.007-21 (heavy duty), 1844-01 (light duty).
Application for Certification Application made by engine manufacturer to obtain certificate of conformity 89.115, 90.107, 91.107, 92.203, 94.203.
National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permits and Renewals (includes individual permit applications, NPDES General Form 1, and NPDES Forms 2A-F, and 2S) 122.21.
Resource Conservation and Recovery Act Permit Applications and Modifications Signatures for permit applications and reports; submission of permit modifications. (This category excludes Class I permit modifications (40 CFR 270.42, Appendix I) that do not require prior approval) 270.11, 270.42.
Certifications of Compliance/Non-Applicability
State Implementation Plan Requirements State implementation plan certifications for testing, inspection, enforcement, and continuous emissions monitoring 51.212(c), 51.214(e).
Certification Statement Chemical Accident Prevention Provisions - Risk Management Plan certification statements 68.185.
Title V Permits Federal compliance certifications and permit applications 70.5(c)(9), 70.5(d), 70.6(c)(5).
State Operating Permits State compliance certifications and permit applications 71.5(c)(9), 71.5(d), 71.24(f).
Annual and Other Compliance Certification Reports Annual compliance certification report and is submitted by units subject to acid rain emissions limitations 72.90.
Annual Compliance Certification Report, Opt-In Report, and Confirmation Report Annual compliance certification report which is submitted in lieu of annual compliance certification report listed in Subpart I of Part 72 74.43.
Quarterly Reports and Compliance Certifications Continuous Emission Monitoring certifications, monitoring plans, and quarterly reports for NOX emissions 75.73.
Certification Letters Recovery and Recycling Equipment, Motor Vehicle Air Conditioners Recycling Program, Detergent Package Protection of Stratospheric Ozone: Recycling & Emissions Reduction. Acquisition of equipment for recovery or recycling made by auto repair service technician and Fuels and Fuel Additives Detergent additive certification 79.4, 80.161, 82.162, 82.42.
Response Plan Cover Sheet Oil Pollution Prevention certification to the truth and accuracy of information 112 (Appendix f).
Closure Report Report which documents that closure was in accordance with closure plan and/or details difference between actual closure and the procedures outlined in the closure plan 146.71.
Certification of Closure and Post Closure Care, Post-Closure Notices Certification that Treatment, Storage, and Disposal Facilities (TSDF) are closed in accordance with approved closure plan or post-closure plan 264.115, 264.119, 264.119(b)(2), 264.120, 265.115, 265.119(b)(2), 265.120, 265.19.
Certification of Testing Lab Analysis Certification that the testing and/or lab analyses required for the treatment demonstration phase of a two-phase permit was conducted 270.63.
Periodic Certification Certification that facility is operating its system to provide equivalent treatment as in initial certification 437.41(b).

1 Included within each permit application category, though sometimes not listed, are the permits submitted to run/operate/maintain facilities and/or equipment/products under EPA or authorized programs.