40 CFR Appendix I to Part 261 - Representative Sampling Methods

Appendix I to Part 261 - Representative Sampling Methods

The methods and equipment used for sampling waste materials will vary with the form and consistency of the waste materials to be sampled. Samples collected using the sampling protocols listed below, for sampling waste with properties similar to the indicated materials, will be considered by the Agency to be representative of the waste.

Extremely viscous liquid - ASTM Standard D140-70 Crushed or powdered material - ASTM Standard D346-75 Soil or rock-like material - ASTM Standard D420-69 Soil-like material - ASTM Standard D1452-65
Fly Ash-like material - ASTM Standard D2234-76 [ASTM Standards are available from ASTM, 1916 Race St., Philadelphia, PA 19103]
Containerized liquid waste - “COLIWASA.”
Liquid waste in pits, ponds, lagoons, and similar reservoirs - “Pond Sampler.”

This manual also contains additional information on application of these protocols.

[45 FR 33119, May 19, 1980, as amended at 70 FR 34562, June 14, 2005]