40 CFR Appendix I to Part 310 - Frequently Asked Questions

Appendix I to Part 310 - Frequently Asked Questions

(1) Can I be reimbursed for hazmat team salaries?

Generally, no; only unbudgeted overtime and/or extra time can be considered for reimbursement. (§ 310.11(b)(2))

(2) Will I be reimbursed for the cost of a destroyed fire truck?

Up to $25,000 of the cost of a lost fire truck can be considered an allowable cost and therefore, reimbursable. However, if the local government has insurance covering such losses, then we would not reimburse you for a destroyed fire truck. (§§ 310.11(b)(4) and 310.14)

(3) If I have a release in an elementary school, can the school district apply for reimbursement?

No, for purposes of the regulation in this part, a school district is considered a special purpose district of local government and therefore not eligible for reimbursement. The county or city where the incident happened may apply for reimbursement on behalf of the school district. (§§ 310.03(e) and 310.05)

(4) Why are incidents that involve a release of petroleum not eligible?

Because this program is authorized under CERCLA, and petroleum is excluded under CERCLA, we can't reimburse you for response to releases involving only petroleum. If, however, some hazardous substances are also involved, your incident may be reimbursed. (§ 310.03(f))

(5) Can I be reimbursed for laying water lines to a community whose drinking water is affected by a release?

No, laying water lines doesn't fall within the definition of temporary emergency measures. Providing bottled water on a temporary emergency basis is reimbursable. (§ 310.10(a))

(6) What if EPA gets too many applications in one year?

In the beginning of the program, there was a statutory limitation on the amount of the Superfund that could be used for reimbursements. That limitation was approximately $1,000,000. The limitation has expired, and EPA has only reimbursed slightly over $1,000,000 in ten years. There has not been a year where we received too many applications.

(7) If I incur significant costs trying to recover from the PRP, can I be reimbursed by EPA for those costs?

No, legal expenses are not allowable costs. (§ 310.12(b)(7)).

(8) Can I add attachments to the Application Form?

Yes, attach any additional information that you feel is necessary. EPA will review all the information that you send.

(9) Do I have to notify EPA before I send an application in, or before I take a response action?

No, you aren't required to notify EPA in either case. We do suggest that you call the National Response Center to report the hazardous substance release, or if you use other response reporting channels, use them. If you need some help before submitting your application, we do suggest you call the LGR Help line (800-431-9209).

(10) If two incidents happen in my town, within hours of each other, do I have to submit two separate applications?

You aren't required to submit separate applications in this case, but if your total response costs are more than $25,000, it may be in your interest to submit separate applications for each single response. (§ 310.9)

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