40 CFR Appendix Table 2 to Subpart DD of Part 63 - Table 2 to Subpart DD of Part 63—Applicability of Paragraphs in Subpart A of This Part 63—General Provisions to Subpart DD

Table 2 to Subpart DD of Part 63—Applicability of Paragraphs in Subpart A of This Part 63—General Provisions to Subpart DD
Subpart A reference Applies to Subpart DD Explanation
63.1(a)(1) Yes
63.1(a)(2) Yes
63.1(a)(3) Yes
63.1(a)(4) No Subpart DD (this table) specifies applicability of each paragraph in subpart A to subpart DD.
63.1(a)(5)-63.1(a)(9) No
63.1(a)(10) Yes
63.1(a)(11) Yes
63.1(a)(12) Yes
63.1(b)(1) No Subpart DD specifies its own applicability.
63.1(b)(2) No Reserved.
63.1(b)(3) No
63.1(c)(1) No Subpart DD explicitly specifies requirements that apply.
63.1(c)(2) No Area sources are not subject to subpart DD.
63.1(c)(3) No Reserved.
63.1(c)(4) No Reserved.
63.1(c)(5) Yes Except that sources are not required to submit notifications overridden by this table.
63.1(c)(6) Yes
63.1(d) No
63.1(e) No
63.2 Yes § 63.681 of subpart DD specifies that if the same term is defined in subparts A and DD, it shall have the meaning given in subpart DD.
63.3 Yes
63.4(a)(1)-63.4(a)(2) Yes
63.4(a)(3) No Reserved.
63.4(a)(4) No Reserved.
63.4(a)(5) No Reserved.
63.4(b) Yes
63.4(c) Yes
63.5(a)(1) Yes
63.5(a)(2) Yes
63.5(b)(1) Yes
63.5(b)(2) No Reserved.
63.5(b)(3) Yes
63.5(b)(4) Yes Except the cross-reference to § 63.9(b) is changed to § 63.9(b)(4) and (5). Subpart DD overrides § 63.9(b)(2) and (b)(3).
63.5(b)(5) No Reserved.
63.5(b)(6) Yes
63.5(c) No Reserved.
63.5(d)(1)(i) Yes
63.5(d)(1)(ii) Yes
63.5(d)(1)(iii) Yes
63.5(d)(2) No
63.5(d)(3) Yes
63.5(d)(4) Yes
63.5(e) Yes
63.5(f)(1) Yes
63.5(f)(2) Yes
63.6(a) Yes
63.6(b)(1) No Subpart DD specifies compliance dates for sources subject to subpart DD.
63.6(b)(2) No
63.6(b)(3) No
63.6(b)(4) No
63.6(b)(5) No § 63.697 of subpart DD includes notification requirements.
63.6(b)(6) No
63.6(b)(7) No
63.6(c)(1) No § 63.680 of subpart DD specifies the compliance date.
63.6(c)(2)-63.6(c)(4) No
63.6(c)(5) Yes
63.6(d) No
63.6(e)(1)(i) No See § 63.683(e) for general duty requirement.
63.6(e)(1)(ii) No
63.6(e)(1)(iii) Yes
63.6(e)(2) No Reserved.
63.6(e)(3) No
63.6(f)(1) No
63.6(f)(2)(i) Yes
63.6(f)(2)(ii) Yes Subpart DD specifies the use of monitoring data in determining compliance with subpart DD.
63.6(f)(2)(iii) (A), (B), and (C) Yes
63.6(f)(2)(iii) (D) No
63.6(f)(2)(iv) Yes
63.6(f)(2)(v) Yes
63.6(f)(3) Yes
63.6(g) Yes
63.6(h) No Subpart DD does not require opacity and visible emission standards.
63.6(i) Yes Except for § 63.6(i)(15), which is reserved.
63.6(j) Yes
63.7(a)(1) No Subpart DD specifies required testing and compliance demonstration procedures.
63.7(a)(2) Yes
63.7(a)(3) Yes
63.7(a)(4) Yes
63.7(b) Yes
63.7(c) Yes
63.7(d) Yes
63.7(e)(1) No See § 63.694(l).
63.7(e)(2) Yes
63.7(e)(3) No Subpart DD specifies test methods and procedures.
63.7(e)(4) Yes
63.7(f) Yes
63.7(g) Yes
63.7(h)(1) Yes
63.7(h)(2) Yes
63.7(h)(3) Yes
63.7(h)(4) No
63.7(h)(5) Yes
63.8(a) No
63.8(b)(1) Yes
63.8(b)(2) No Subpart DD specifies locations to conduct monitoring.
63.8(b)(3) Yes
63.8(c)(1)(i) Yes
63.8(c)(1)(ii) Yes
63.8(c)(1)(iii) No
63.8(c)(2) Yes
63.8(c)(3) Yes
63.8(c)(4) No Subpart DD specifies monitoring frequency
63.8(c)(5)-63.8(c)(8) No
63.8(d) No
63.8(e) No
63.8(f)(1) Yes
63.8(f)(2) Yes
63.8(f)(3) Yes
63.8(f)(4)(i) Yes
63.8(f)(4)(ii) Yes
63.8(f)(4)(iii) No
63.8(f)(5)(i) Yes
63.8(f)(5)(ii) No
63.8(f)(5)(iii) Yes
63.8(f)(6) Yes
63.8(g) Yes
63.9(a) Yes
63.9(b)(1)(i) Yes
63.9(b)(1)(ii) No
63.9(b)(2) Yes
63.9(b)(3) No
63.9(b)(4) Yes
63.9(b)(5) Yes
63.9(c) Yes
63.9(d) Yes
63.9(e) Yes
63.9(f) No
63.9(g) Yes
63.9(h) Yes
63.9(i) Yes
63.9(j) Yes For change in major source status only.
63.9(k) Yes Only as specified in § 63.9(j).
63.10(a) Yes
63.10(b)(1) Yes
63.10(b)(2)(i) No
63.10(b)(2)(ii) No See § 63.696(h) for recordkeeping of (1) date, time and duration; (2) listing of affected source or equipment, and an estimate of the volume of each regulated pollutant emitted over the standard; and (3) actions to minimize emissions and correct the failure.
63.10(b)(2)(iii) Yes
63.10(b)(2)(iv) No
63.10(b)(2)(v) No
63.10(b)(2)(vi)-(ix) Yes
63.10(b)(2)(x)-(xi) Yes
63.10(b)(2) (xii)-(xiv) No
63.10(b)(3) Yes
63.10(c)(1)-(6) No
63.10(c)(7)-(8) Yes
63.10(c)(9)-(15) No
63.10(d)(1) No
63.10(d)(2) Yes
63.10(d)(3) No
63.10(d)(4) Yes
63.10(d)(5) No See § 63.697(b)(3) for reporting of malfunctions.
63.10(e)(1)-63.10(e)(2) No
63.10(e)(3) Yes
63.10(e)(4) No
63.10(f) Yes
63.11-63.15 Yes
63.16 No

a Wherever subpart A specifies “postmark” dates, submittals may be sent by methods other than the U.S. Mail (e.g., by fax or courier). Submittals shall be sent by the specified dates, but a postmark is not required.

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