41 CFR 102-35.15 - What are the goals of GSA's personal property regulations?

§ 102-35.15 What are the goals of GSA's personal property regulations?

The goals of GSA's personal property regulations are to:

(a) Improve the identification and reporting of excess personal property;

(b) Maximize the use of excess property as the first source of supply to minimize expenditures for the purchase of new property, when practicable;

Note to § 102-35.15(b):

If there are competing requests among Federal agencies for excess property, preference will be given to agencies where the transfer will avoid a new Federal procurement. A transfer to an agency where the agency will provide the property to a non-Federal entity for the non-Federal entity's use will be secondary to Federal use.

(c) Achieve maximum public benefit from the use of Government property through the donation of surplus personal property to State and local public agencies and other eligible non-Federal recipients;

(d) Obtain the optimum monetary return to the Government for surplus personal property sold and personal property sold under the exchange/sale authority; and

(e) Reduce management and inventory costs by appropriate use of the abandonment/destruction authority to dispose of unneeded personal property that has no commercial value or for which the estimated cost of continued care and handling would exceed the estimated sales proceeds (see FMR §§ 102-36.305 through 102-36.330).