41 CFR § 105-1.102 - Relationship of GSPMR to FPMR.

§ 105-1.102 Relationship of GSPMR to FPMR.

(a) GSPMR implement and supplement the FPMR and implement certain other regulations. They are part of the General Services Administration Regulations System. Material published in the FPMR (which has Governmentwide applicability) becomes effective throughout GSA upon the effective date of the particular FPMR material. In general, the FPMR that are implemented and supplemented shall not be repeated, paraphrased, or otherwise restated in chapter 105.

(b) Implementing is the process of expanding upon the FPMR or other Government-wide regulations. Supplementing is the process of prescribing material for which there is no counterpart in the Government-wide regulations.

(c) GSPMR may deviate from the regulations that are implemented when a deviation (see § 105-1.110) is authorized in and explicitly referenced to such regulations. Where chapter 105 contains no material implementing the FPMR, the FPMR shall govern.

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