41 CFR § 105-1.109-51 - Arrangement.

§ 105-1.109-51 Arrangement.

(a) Parts 105-2 through 105-49 are used for GSPMR that implement regulations in the corresponding parts of chapter 101. This practice results in comparable grouping by subject area without establishment of subchapters.

(b) Parts 105-50 and above are used for GSPMR that supplement regulations in the FPMR and implement regulations of other agencies. Part numbers are assigned so as to accomplish a similar subject area grouping. Regulations on advisory committee management are recodified as part 105-54 to place them in the appropriate subject area category. Regulations on standards of conduct remain in part 105-735 because the number 735 identifies regulations of the U.S. Civil Service Commission and various civil agencies on this subject.

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