41 CFR § 105-55.015 - Collection in installments.

§ 105-55.015 Collection in installments.

(a) Whenever feasible, the General Services Administration (GSA) will collect the total amount of a debt in one lump sum. If a debtor is financially unable to pay a debt in one lump sum, GSA may accept payment in regular installments. GSA may obtain financial statements from debtors who represent they are unable to pay in one lump sum and independently verify such representations whenever possible (see § 105-55.020(g)). When GSA agrees to accept payments in regular installments, a legally enforceable written agreement from the debtor will be obtained specifying all of the terms of the arrangement and containing a provision accelerating the debt in the event of default. If the debtor's financial statement discloses the ownership of assets which are free and clear of liens or security interests, or assets in which the debtor owns an equity, the debtor may be asked to secure the payment of an installment note by executing a Security Agreement and Financing Statement transferring to the United States a security interest in the asset until the debt is paid.

(b) The size and frequency of installment payments will bear a reasonable relation to the size of the debt and the debtor's ability to pay. The installment payments will be sufficient in size and frequency to liquidate the debt in three years or less, unless circumstances warrant a longer period.

(c) Security for deferred payments may be obtained in appropriate cases. GSA may accept installment payments notwithstanding the refusal of the debtor to execute a written agreement or to give security, at the Agency's option.