41 CFR § 105-60.700 - Submitting an appeal.

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§ 105-60.700 Submitting an appeal.

(a) A requester may appeal any adverse determination (denial of access to records, denial of fee waiver, or denial of expedited processing, etc.) to the GSA FOIA Requester Service Center which is designated as the agency's FOIA Appeals Office.

(b) The appeal shall include:

(1) The FOIAonline tracking number;

(2) The basis for disagreement with GSA's adverse determination that is being appealed; and

(3) A brief statement of the reasons he or she thinks GSA should release the records or provide expedited processing and enclose copies of the initial request and denial.

(c) The requester may submit the appeal electronically to GSA.FOIA@gsa.gov. The requester should mark the subject line of the electronic transmission, “Freedom of Information Act Appeal.” In the alternative, the requester may submit an appeal via facsimile to 202-501-2727, or via US mail to U.S. General Services Administration, FOIA Requester Service Center (H3), 1800 F Street NW, 7308, Washington, DC 20405-0001. If the appeal is submitted via US mail, the appeal letter must include the words “Freedom of Information Act Appeal” on both the face of the appeal letter and on the envelope. Failure to follow these procedures will delay processing of the appeal.

(d) The GSA FOIA Officer must receive the requester's appeal no later than 90 calendar days after receipt by the requester of any adverse determination by GSA with respect to the FOIA request. GSA has 20 business days after receipt of a proper appeal to issue a response to the requester's appeal. The 20-workday time limit shall not begin until the GSA FOIA Officer receives the appeal. As noted in § 105.60.305 of this part, the GSA FOIA Officer may extend this time limit in unusual circumstances. GSA will process appeals of denials of expedited processing as soon as possible after receiving them. The GSA FOIA Officer may also extend the time limit in the event of unusual circumstances occur during the processing of appeals as well.