41 CFR § 50-203.7 - Prehearing conferences.

§ 50-203.7 Prehearing conferences.

(a) At any time prior to the hearing the administrative law judge may, on motion of the parties or on his own motion, whenever it appears that the public interest will be served thereby, direct the parties to appear before him for a conference at a designated time and place to consider, among other things:

(1) Simplification of the issues;

(2) The necessity or desirability of amending the pleadings for purposes of clarification, amplification or limitation;

(3) Obtaining stipulations of fact or admissions of undisputed facts or the authenticity of documents;

(4) The procedure at the hearing;

(5) Limiting the number of witnesses;

(6) The propriety of mutual exchange among parties of prepared testimony or exhibits; or

(7) Any other matters which would tend to expedite the disposition of the proceeding.

(b) The action taken at the conference may be recorded, in summary form or otherwise, for use at the hearing. Such record, when agreed to by the parties and approved by the administrative law judge, shall be conclusive as to the action embodied therein. Stipulations and admissions of fact and amendments to pleadings shall be made a part of the record of the proceeding.

[11 FR 14493, Dec. 18, 1946. Redesignated at 24 FR 10952, Dec. 30, 1959, as amended at 61 FR 19987, May 3, 1996]