41 CFR § 51-2.8 - Procurement list.

§ 51-2.8 Procurement list.

(a) The Committee maintains a Procurement List which includes the commodities and services which shall be procured by Government departments and agencies under the JWOD Act from the nonprofit agency(ies) designated by the Committee. Copies of the Procurement List, together with information on procurement requirements and procedures, are available to contracting activities upon request.

(b) For commodities, including military resale commodities, the Procurement List identifies the name and national stock number or item designation for each commodity, and where appropriate, any limitation on the portion of the commodity which must be procured under the JWOD Act.

(c) For services, the Procurement List identifies the type of service to be furnished, the Government department or agency responsible for procuring the service, and, where appropriate, the activity or item to be serviced.

(d) Additions to and deletions from the Procurement List are published in the Federal Register as they are approved by the Committee.

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