41 CFR § 60-30.6 - Answer.

§ 60-30.6 Answer.

(a) Filing and service. Within 20 days after the service of the complaint, the defendant shall file an answer with the Chief Administrative Law Judge if the case has not been assigned to an Administrative Law Judge. The answer shall be signed by the defendant or its attorney, and served on the Government in accordance with § 60-30.4(b).

(b) Contents; failure to file. The answer shall (1) contain a statement of the facts which constitute the grounds of defense, and shall specifically admit, explain, or deny, each of the allegations of the complaint unless the defendant is without knowledge, in which case the answer shall so state; or (2) state that the defendant admits all the allegations of the complaint. The answer may contain a waiver of hearing; and if not, a separate paragraph in the answer shall request a hearing. The answer shall contain the name and address of the defendant, or of the attorney representing the defendant. Failure to file an answer or to plead specifically to any allegation of the complaint shall constitute an admission of such allegation.

(c) Procedure, upon admission of facts. The admission, in the answer or by failure to file an answer, of all the material allegations of fact contained in the complaint shall constitute a waiver of hearing. Upon such admission, the Administrative Law Judge, without further hearing, may prepare his decision in which he shall adopt as his proposed findings of fact the material facts alleged in the complaint. The parties shall be given an opportunity to file exceptions to his decision and to file briefs in support of the exceptions.