42 CFR § 1006.2 - Contents of subpoena.

§ 1006.2 Contents of subpoena.

A subpoena issued under this part will—

(a) State the name of the individual or entity to whom the subpoena is addressed;

(b) State the statutory authority for the subpoena;

(c) Indicate the date, time and place that the investigational inquiry at which the witness is to testify will take place;

(d) Include a reasonably specific description of any documents or items required to be produced; and

(e) If the subpoena is addressed to an entity, describe with reasonable particularity the subject matter on which testimony is required. In such event, the named entity will designate one or more individuals who will testify on its behalf, and will state as to each individual so designated that individual's name and address and the matters on which he or she will testify. The individual so designated will testify as to matters known or reasonably available to the entity.