42 CFR § 1008.1 - Basis and purpose.

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§ 1008.1 Basis and purpose.

(a) This part contains the specific procedures for the submission of requests by an individual or entity for advisory opinions to, and the issuance of advisory opinions by, the OIG, in consultation with the Department of Justice (DoJ), in accordance with section 1128D(b) of the Social Security Act (Act), 42 U.S.C. 1320a-7d(b). The OIG will issue such advisory opinions based on actual or proposed factual circumstances submitted by the requesting individual or entity, or by counsel on behalf of the requesting individual or entity, provided all other requirements of this part are satisfied (including the requirement that the requesting individual or entity provide the certifications required in accordance with § 1008.38 of this part).

(b) An individual or entity may request an advisory opinion from the OIG regarding any of five specific subject matters described in § 1008.5 of this part.

(c) The requesting party must provide a complete description of the facts as set forth in subpart B of this part, and pay the costs to the OIG of processing the request for an advisory opinion as set forth in subpart C of this part.

(d) Nothing in this part limits the investigatory or prosecutorial authority of the OIG, DoJ or any other agency of the Government.

[62 FR 7357, Feb. 19, 1997, as amended at 63 FR 38324, July 16, 1998]