42 CFR 121.6 - Organ procurement.

§ 121.6 Organ procurement.
The suitability of organs donated for transplantation shall be determined as follows:
(a) Tests. An OPTN member procuring an organ shall assure that laboratory tests and clinical examinations of potential organ donors are performed to determine any contraindications for donor acceptance, in accordance with policies established by the OPTN.
(b) HIV. The OPTN shall adopt and use standards for preventing the acquisition of organs from individuals known to be infected with human immunodeficiency virus.
(c) Acceptance criteria. Transplant programs shall establish criteria for organ acceptance, and shall provide such criteria to the OPTN and the OPOs with which they are affiliated.
[63 FR 16332, Apr. 2, 1998, as amended at 64 FR 56659, Oct. 20, 1999]

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