42 CFR § 136.301 - Policy and applicability.

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§ 136.301 Policy and applicability.

(a) Policy.

(1) It is the policy of the Secretary to encourage Indians to enter the health professions and to ensure the availability of Indian health professionals to serve Indians. The recruitment and scholarship programs under this subpart will contribute to this objective.

(2) The regulations of this subpart are intended to be consistent with principles of Indian self-determination and to supplement the responsibilities of the Indian Health Sevice for Indian health manpower planning and for assisting Indian tribes and tribal organizations in the development of Indian manpower programs.

(b) Applicability. The regulations of this subpart are applicable to the following activities authorized by the Indian Health Care Improvement Act:

(1) The award of health professions recruitment grants under section 102 of the Act to recruit Indians into the health professions (Subdivision J-2);

(2) The award of preparatory scholarship grants and pregraduate scholarship grants under section 103 of the Act, as amended, to Indians undertaking compensatory and preprofessional education (Subdivisions J-3 and J-8);

(3) The award of Indian Health Scholarship grants pursuant to section 338G of the Public Health Service Act (42 U.S.C. 254r) to Indian or other students in health professions schools (Subdivision J-4):

(4) The provision of continuing education allowances to health professionals employed by the Service under section 106 of the Act (Subdivision J-5);

(5) Contracts with urban Indian organizations under section 502 of the Act to establish programs in urban areas to make health services more accessible to the urban Indian population (Subdivision J-6); and

(6) Leases with Indian tribes under section 704 of the Act (Subdivision J-7).

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