42 CFR § 136.323 - Scholarship and tuition.

§ 136.323 Scholarship and tuition.

(a) Scholarship grant awards under this subdivision shall consist of:

(1) A stipend of $400 per month adjusted in accordance with paragraph (c) of this section; and

(2) An amount determined by the Secretary for transportation, tuition, fees, books, laboratory expenses, and other necessary educational expenses.

(b) The portion of the scholarship for the costs of tuition and fees as indicated in the grant award will be paid directly to the school upon receipt of an invoice from the school. The stipend and remainder of the scholarship grant award will be paid monthly to the grantee under the conditions specified in the grant award.

(c) The amount of the monthly stipend specified in paragraph (a)(1) of this section shall be adjusted by the Secretary for each academic year ending in a fiscal year beginning after September 30, 1978, by an amount (rounded down to the next lowest multiple of $1) equal to the amount of such stipend multiplied by the overall percentage (as set forth in the report transmitted to the Congress under section 5305 of title 5, United States Code) of the adjustment in the rates of pay under the General Schedule made effective in the fiscal year in which such academic year ends.

[42 FR 59646, Nov. 18, 1977, as amended at 49 FR 7381, Feb. 29, 1984]

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