42 CFR § 136.372 - Application and selection.

§ 136.372 Application and selection.

(a) An application for a pregraduate scholarship grant under this subdivision shall be submitted in such form and at such time as the Secretary may prescribe. However, an application must indicate:

(1) The pregraduate program in which the applicant is or wishes to enter, and

(2) Whether the applicant intends to provide health services to Indians upon completion of health professions education or training by serving as described in § 136.332 or otherwise as indicated on the application.

(b) Within the limits of available funds, the Director, IHS, shall make pregraduate scholarship grant awards for a period not to exceed four academic years of an individual's pregraduate education to eligible applicants taking into consideration:

(1) Academic performance;

(2) Work experience;

(3) Faculty or employer recommendation;

(4) Stated reasons for asking for the scholarship; and

(5) The relative needs of the IHS and Indian health organizations for persons in specific health professions.

(Approved by the Office of Management and Budget under control number 0915-0080)
[49 FR 7381, Feb. 29, 1984. Redesignated and amended at 67 FR 35342, May 17, 2002]