42 CFR § 401.135 - Release of Medicare information to the public.

§ 401.135 Release of Medicare information to the public.

The following shall be made available to the public under the conditions specified:

(a) Information as to amounts paid to providers and other organizations and facilities for services to beneficiaries under title XVIII of the Act: Provided, That no information identifying any particular beneficiaries shall be disclosed under this paragraph.

(b) The name of any provider of services or other person furnishing services to Medicare beneficiaries who—

(1) Has been found by a Federal court to have been guilty of submitting false claims in connection with Medicare; or

(2) Has been found by a carrier or intermediary, after consultation with a professional medical association functioning external to program administration or, if appropriate, the State medical authority, to have been engaged in a pattern of furnishing services to beneficiaries which are substantially in excess of their medical needs; except that the name of any provider or other person shall not be disclosed pursuant to a finding under this paragraph (b)(2) of this section, unless that provider or other person has first been afforded a reasonable opportunity to offer evidence on his behalf.

(c) Upon request in writing, cost reports submitted by providers of services pursuant to section 1815 of the Act to enable the Secretary to determine amounts due the providers.