42 CFR § 401.144 - Denial of requests.

§ 401.144 Denial of requests.

(a) General authority. Only the Director, Office of Public Affairs, CMS, and the Regional Directors of Public Affairs, HHS, are authorized to deny written requests to obtain, inspect or copy any CMS information or record.

(b) Forms of denials.

(1) Oral requests may be dealt with orally, but the requester should be advised that the oral response is not an official determination and that an official determination may be obtained only by submitting the request in writing. Appropriate available assistance will be offered.

(2) Written Requests—Denials of written requests will be in writing and will contain the reasons for the denial including, as appropriate, a statement that a document requested is nonexistent or not reasonably described or is subject to one or more clearly described exemption(s). Denials will also provide the requester with appropriate information on how to exercise the right of appeal.