42 CFR § 403.1202 - Pricing information.

§ 403.1202 Pricing information.

Any advertisement for any prescription drug or biological product on television (including broadcast, cable, streaming, or satellite) must contain a textual statement indicating the current list price for a typical 30-day regimen or for a typical course of treatment, whichever is most appropriate, as determined on the first day of the quarter during which the advertisement is being aired or otherwise broadcast, as follows: “The list price for a [30-day supply of ] [typical course of treatment with] [name of prescription drug or biological product] is [insert list price]. If you have health insurance that covers drugs, your cost may be different.” Where the price is related to the typical course of treatment and that typical course of treatment varies depending on the indication for which a prescription drug or biological product is prescribed, the list price to be used is the one for the typical course of treatment associated with the primary indication addressed in the advertisement.

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