42 CFR § 405.2450 - Clinical psychologist and clinical social worker services.

(a) For clinical psychologist or clinical social worker professional services to be payable under this subpart, the services must be -

(1) Furnished by an individual who owns, is employed by, or furnishes services under contract to the FQHC;

(2) Of a type that the clinical psychologist or clinical social worker who furnishes the services is legally permitted to perform by the State in which the service is furnished;

(3) Performed by a clinical social worker or clinical psychologist who is legally authorized to perform such services under State law or the State regulatory mechanism provided by the law of the State in which such services are performed; and

(4) Covered if furnished by a physician.

(b) If State law prescribes a physician supervision requirement, it is met if the conditions specified in § 491.8(b) of this chapter and any pertinent requirements of State law are satisfied.

(c) The services of clinical psychologists or clinical social workers are not covered if State law or regulations require that the services be performed under a physician's order and no such order was prepared.

[57 FR 24980, June 12, 1992, as amended at 61 FR 14657, Apr. 3, 1996]