42 CFR § 405.2472 - Beneficiary appeals.

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§ 405.2472 Beneficiary appeals.

A beneficiary may request a hearing by an intermediary (subject to the limitations and conditions set forth in subpart H of this part) if:

(a) The beneficiary is dissatisfied with a MAC's determination denying a request for payment made on his or her behalf by a RHC or FQHC;

(b) The beneficiary is dissatisfied with the amount of payment; or

(c) The beneficiary believes the request for payment is not being acted upon with reasonable promptness.

[43 FR 8261, Mar. 1, 1978. Redesignated and amended at 57 FR 24978, June 12, 1992; 79 FR 25480, May 2, 2014]