42 CFR § 405.509 - Determining the inflation-indexed charge.

§ 405.509 Determining the inflation-indexed charge.

(a) Definition. For purposes of this section, inflation-indexed charge means the lowest of the fee screens used to determine reasonable charges (as determined in § 405.503 for the customary charge, § 405.504 for the prevailing charge, this section for the inflation-indexed charge, and § 405.511 for the lowest charge level) for services, supplies, and equipment reimbursed on a reasonable charge basis (excluding physicians' services), that is in effect on December 31 of the previous fee screen year, updated by the inflation adjustment factor, as described in paragraph (b) of this section.

(b) Application of inflation adjustment factor to determine inflation-indexed charge.

(1) For fee screen years beginning on or after January 1, 1987, the inflation-indexed charge is determined by updating the fee screen used to determine the reasonable charges in effect on December 31 of the previous fee screen year by application of an inflation adjustment factor, that is, the annual change in the level of the consumer price index for all urban consumers, as compiled by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, for the 12-month period ending on June 30 of each year.

(2) For services, supplies, and equipment furnished from October 1, 1985 through December 31, 1986 the inflation adjustment factor is zero.

(c) The inflation-indexed charge does not apply to any services, supplies, or equipment furnished after December 31, 1991, that are covered under or limited by the fee schedule for physicians' services established under section 1848 of the Act and part 415 of this chapter. These services are subject to the Medicare Economic Index described in § 415.30 of this chapter.

[51 FR 34979, Oct. 1, 1986; 51 FR 37911, Oct. 27, 1986, as amended at 56 FR 59621, Nov. 25, 1991]

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