42 CFR § 406.52 - Conviction of certain offenses.

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§ 406.52 Conviction of certain offenses.

(a) Penalty that affects entitlement.

(1) If an individual is convicted of any of the crimes listed in § 406.11(c) (1) and (2), the court may impose, in addition to all other penalties, a penalty that affects entitlement to hospital insurance, beginning with the month of conviction.

(2) The additional penalty is that the individual's income (or the income of the insured individual on whose earnings record he or she became or seeks to become entitled) for the year of conviction and any previous year may not be counted in determining the insured status necessary for entitlement to hospital insurance.

(b) Effect of pardon. If the President of the United States pardons the convicted individual, that individual regains (or may again seek) entitlement effective with the month following the month in which the pardon is granted.

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