42 CFR § 408.8 - Grace period and termination date.

(a) Grace period.

(1) For all initial premium payments (monthly or quarterly), and subsequent monthly or quarterly payments, the grace period ends with the last day of the third month after the billing month.

(2) For payments required because the monthly benefit is less than the monthly premium, the grace period ends on April 30 of the year following the calendar year which the premiums are due.

(b) Extension of grace period: Last day is nonwork day. If the last day of the grace period is a Saturday, Sunday, legal holiday, or a day that, by statute or executive order, is a nonwork day for Federal employees, the grace period is extended to the next succeeding work day.

(c) Termination date. The end of the grace period is the termination date for SMI coverage if overdue premiums have not been paid by that date in accordance with § 408.68.

(d) Extension of grace period for good cause.

(1) CMS may reinstate entitlement, without interruption of coverage, if the individual shows good cause for failure to pay within the initial grace period, and pays all overdue premiums within three calendar months after the termination date.

(2) Good cause will be found if the individual establishes, by a credible statement, that failure to pay premiums within the initial grace period was due to conditions over which he or she had no control, or which he or she could not reasonably have been expected to foresee.

[52 FR 48115, Dec. 18, 1987, as amended at 56 FR 48112, Sept. 24, 1991]

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