42 CFR § 409.14 - Supplies, appliances, and equipment.

§ 409.14 Supplies, appliances, and equipment.

(a) Except as specified in paragraph (b) of this section, Medicare pays for supplies, appliances, and equipment as inpatient hospital or inpatient CAH services only if -

(1) They are ordinarily furnished by the hospital or CAH to inpatients; and

(2) They are furnished to inpatients for use in the hospital or CAH.

(b) Exceptions. Medicare pays for items to be used beyond the hospital or CAH stay if -

(1) The item is one that the beneficiary must continue to use after he or she leaves the hospital or CAH, for example, heart valves or a heart pacemaker, or

(2) The item is medically necessary to permit or facilitate the beneficiary's departure from the hospital or CAH and is required until the beneficiary can obtain a continuing supply. Tracheostomy or draining tubes are examples.

[48 FR 12541, Mar. 25, 1983, as amended at 58 FR 30666, May 26, 1993]