42 CFR § 413.231 - Adjustment for wages.

§ 413.231 Adjustment for wages.
Link to an amendment published at 87 FR 67302, Nov. 7, 2022.

(a) CMS adjusts the labor-related portion of the base rate to account for geographic differences in the area wage levels using an appropriate wage index (established by CMS) which reflects the relative level of hospital wages and wage-related costs in the geographic area in which the ESRD facility is located.

(b) The application of the wage index is made on the basis of the location of the ESRD facility in an urban or rural area as defined in this paragraph (b).

(1) Urban area means a Metropolitan Statistical Area or a Metropolitan division (in the case where a Metropolitan Statistical Area is divided into Metropolitan Divisions), as defined by OMB.

(2) Rural area means any area outside an urban area.

[75 FR 49200, Aug. 12, 2010]