42 CFR § 413.343 - Resident assessment data.

§ 413.343 Resident assessment data.

(a) Submission of resident assessment data. SNFs are required to submit the resident assessment data described at § 483.20 of this chapter in the manner necessary to administer the payment rate methodology described in § 413.337. This provision includes the frequency, scope, and number of assessments required.

(b) Assessment schedule. In accordance with the methodology described in § 413.337(c) related to the adjustment of the Federal rates for case-mix, SNFs must submit assessments according to an assessment schedule. This schedule must include performance of an initial Medicare assessment with an assessment reference date that is set for no later than the 8th day of posthospital SNF care, and such other interim payment assessments as the SNF determines are necessary to account for changes in patient care needs.

(c) Noncompliance with assessment schedule. CMS pays a default rate for the Federal rate when a SNF fails to comply with the assessment schedule in paragraph (b) of this section. The default rate is paid for the days of a patient's care for which the SNF is not in compliance with the assessment schedule.

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