42 CFR § 414.900 - Basis and scope.

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§ 414.900 Basis and scope.

(a) This subpart implements sections 1842(o), 1847A, and 1847B of the Act and outlines two payment methodologies applicable to drugs and biologicals covered under Medicare Part B that are not paid on a cost or prospective payment system basis.

(b) Examples of drugs that are subject to the requirements specified in this subpart are:

(1) Drugs furnished incident to a physician's service; durable medical equipment (DME) drugs.

(2) Separately billable drugs at independent dialysis facilities not under the ESRD composite rate.

(3) Statutorily covered drugs, for example -

(i) Influenza.

(ii) Pneumococcal, Hepatitis B, and COVID-19 vaccines.

(iii) Antigens.

(iv) Hemophilia blood clotting factor.

(v) Immunosuppressive drugs.

(vi) Certain oral anti-cancer drugs.

[69 FR 66424, Nov. 15, 2004, as amended at 70 FR 39093, July 6, 2005; 85 FR 71197, Nov. 6, 2020]

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