42 CFR § 415.178 - Anesthesia services.

§ 415.178 Anesthesia services.

(a) General rule.

(1) For services furnished prior to January 1, 2010, an unreduced physician fee schedule payment may be made if a physician is involved in a single anesthesia procedure involving an anesthesia resident. In the case of anesthesia services, the teaching physician must be present during all critical portions of the procedure and immediately available to furnish services during the entire service or procedure. The teaching physician cannot receive an unreduced fee if he or she performs services involving other patients during the period the anesthesia resident is furnishing services in a single case. Additional rules for payment of anesthesia services involving residents are specified in § 414.46(c)(1)(iii) of this chapter.

(2) For services furnished on or after January 1, 2010, payment made under § 414.46(e) of this chapter if the teaching anesthesiologist (or different teaching anesthesiologists in the same anesthesia group practice) is present during all critical or key portions of the anesthesia service or procedure involved; and the teaching anesthesiologist (or another anesthesiologist with whom the teaching anesthesiologist has entered into an arrangement) is immediately available to furnish anesthesia services during the entire procedure.

(b) Documentation. Documentation must indicate the teaching physician's presence during all critical or key portions of the anesthesia procedure and the immediate availability of another teaching anesthesiologist.

[74 FR 62014, Nov. 25, 2009]