42 CFR § 415.206 - Services of residents in nonprovider settings.

§ 415.206 Services of residents in nonprovider settings.

Patient care activities of residents in approved GME programs that are furnished in nonprovider settings are payable in one of the following two ways:

(a) Direct GME payments. If the conditions in § 413.78 regarding patient care activities and training of residents are met, the time residents spend in nonprovider settings such as clinics, nursing facilities, and physician offices in connection with approved GME programs is included in determining the number of full-time equivalency residents in the calculation of a teaching hospital's resident count. The teaching physician rules on carrier payments in §§ 415.170 through 415.184 apply in these teaching settings.

(b) Physician fee schedule.

(1) Services furnished by a resident in a nonprovider setting are covered as physician services and payable under the physician fee schedule if the following requirements are met:

(i) The resident is fully licensed to practice medicine, osteopathy, dentistry, or podiatry in the State in which the service is performed.

(ii) The time spent in patient care activities in the nonprovider setting is not included in a teaching hospital's full-time equivalency resident count for the purpose of direct GME payments.

(2) Payment may be made regardless of whether a resident is functioning within the scope of his or her GME program in the nonprovider setting.

(3) If fee schedule payment is made for the resident's services in a nonprovider setting, payment must not be made for the services of a teaching physician.

(4) The carrier must apply the physician fee schedule payment rules set forth in subpart A of part 414 of this chapter to payments for services furnished by a resident in a nonprovider setting.

[60 FR 63178, Dec. 8, 1995, as amended at 70 FR 47490, Aug. 12, 2005]

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