42 CFR § 417.570 - Interim per capita payments.

§ 417.570 Interim per capita payments.

(a) Principle of payment.

(1) CMS makes monthly advance payments equivalent to the HMO's or CMP's interim per capita rate for each beneficiary who is registered in CMS records as a Medicare enrollee of the HMO or CMP.

(2) Additional lump-sum payments may be made at other times during the contract period, at CMS's discretion, to adjust the total amounts paid during the contract period to the level of incurred costs.

(b) Determination of rate. The interim per capita rate of payment is equal to the estimated per capita cost of providing covered services to the HMO's or CMP's Medicare enrollees, based upon the types and components of costs that are reimbursable under this part. The interim per capita rate is determined annually by CMS on the basis of the HMO's or CMP's annual operating and enrollment forecast (as set forth in § 417.572) and may be revised during the contract period as explained in paragraphs (c) and (d) of this section.

(c) Adjustments of payments. In order to maintain the interim payments at the level of current reasonable costs, CMS will adjust the interim per capita rate, to the extent necessary, on the basis of adequate data supplied by the HMO or CMP in its interim estimated cost and enrollment reports or on other evidence showing that the rate based on actual costs is more or less than the current rate. Adjustments may also be made if there is -

(1) A change in the number of Medicare enrollees that affects the per capita rate;

(2) A material variation from the costs estimated when the annual operating budget was prepared; or

(3) A significant change in the use of covered services by the HMO's or CMP's Medicare enrollees.

(d) Reduction of interim payments. If the HMO or CMP does not submit, on time, the reports and other data required to determine the proper amount of payment, CMS may reduce interim payments to the extent appropriate, or may take any other action authorized under this part. An interim payment reduction remains in effect until CMS can make a reasonable estimate of per capita costs.

[50 FR 1346, Jan. 10, 1985, as amended at 58 FR 38082, July 15, 1993]

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