42 CFR § 418.1 - Statutory basis.

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§ 418.1 Statutory basis.

This part implements section 1861(dd) of the Social Security Act (the Act). Section 1861(dd) of the Act specifies services covered as hospice care and the conditions that a hospice program must meet in order to participate in the Medicare program. Section 1861(dd) also specifies limitations on coverage of, and payment for, inpatient hospice care. The following sections of the Act are also pertinent:

(a) Sections 1812(a) (4) and (d) of the Act specify eligibility requirements for the individual and the benefit periods.

(b) Section 1813(a)(4) of the Act specifies coinsurance amounts.

(c) Sections 1814(a)(7) and 1814(i) of the Act contain conditions and limitations on coverage of, and payment for, hospice care.

(d) Sections 1862(a) (1), (6) and (9) of the Act establish limits on hospice coverage.

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