42 CFR § 422.204 - Provider selection and credentialing.

§ 422.204 Provider selection and credentialing.

(a) General rule. An MA organization must have written policies and procedures for the selection and evaluation of providers. These policies must conform with the credential and recredentialing requirements set forth in paragraph (b) of this section and with the antidiscrimination provisions set forth in § 422.205.

(b) Basic requirements. An MA organization must follow a documented process with respect to providers and suppliers who have signed contracts or participation agreements that—

(1) For providers (other than physicians and other health care professionals) requires determination, and redetermination at specified intervals, that each provider is—

(i) Licensed to operate in the State, and in compliance with any other applicable State or Federal requirements; and

(ii) Reviewed and approved by an accrediting body, or meets the standards established by the organization itself;

(2) For physicians and other health care professionals, including members of physician groups, covers—

(i) Initial credentialing that includes written application, verification of licensure or certification from primary sources, disciplinary status, eligibility for payment under Medicare, and site visits as appropriate. The application must be signed and dated and include an attestation by the applicant of the correctness and completeness of the application and other information submitted in support of the application;

(ii) Recredentialing at least every 3 years that updates information obtained during initial credentialing, considers performance indicators such as those collected through quality improvement programs, utilization management systems, handling of grievances and appeals, enrollee satisfaction surveys, and other plan activities, and that includes an attestation of the correctness and completeness of the new information; and

(iii) A process for consulting with contracting health care professionals with respect to criteria for credentialing and recredentialing.

(3) Specifies that basic benefits must be provided through, or payments must be made to, providers and suppliers that meet applicable requirements of title XVIII and part A of title XI of the Act. In the case of providers meeting the definition of “provider of services” in section 1861(u) of the Act, basic benefits may only be provided through these providers if they have a provider agreement with CMS permitting them to provide services under original Medicare.

(4) Ensures compliance with the requirements at § 422.752(a)(8) that prohibit employment or contracts with individuals (or with an entity that employs or contracts with such an individual) excluded from participation under Medicare and with the requirements at § 422.220 regarding physicians and practitioners who opt out of Medicare.

(c) An MA organization must follow a documented process that ensures compliance with the preclusion list provisions in § 422.222.

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