42 CFR § 422.272 - Release of MA bid pricing data.

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§ 422.272 Release of MA bid pricing data.

(a) Terminology. For purposes of this section, the term “MA bid pricing data” means the following information that MA organizations must submit for each MA plan bid for the annual bid submission:

(1) The pricing-related information described at § 422.254(a)(1); and

(2) The information required for MSA plans, described at § 422.254(e).

(b) Release of MA bid pricing data. Subject to paragraph (c) of this section and to the annual timing identified in paragraph (d) of this section, CMS will release to the public MA bid pricing data for MA plan bids accepted or approved by CMS for a contract year under § 422.256. The annual release will contain MA bid pricing data from the final list of MA plan bids accepted or approved by CMS for a contract year that is at least 5 years prior to the upcoming calendar year.

(c) Exclusions from release of MA bid pricing data. For the purpose of this section, the following information is excluded from the data released under paragraph (b) of this section:

(1) For an MA plan bid that includes Part D benefits, the information described at § 422.254(b)(1)(ii), (c)(3)(ii), and (c)(7).

(2) Additional information that CMS requires to verify the actuarial bases of the bids for MA plans for the annual bid submission, as follows:

(i) Narrative information on base period factors, manual rates, cost-sharing methodology, optional supplement benefits, and other required narratives.

(ii) Supporting documentation.

(3) Any information that could be used to identify Medicare beneficiaries or other individuals.

(4) Bid review correspondence and reports.

(d) Timing of data release. CMS will release MA bid pricing data as provided in paragraph (b) of this section on an annual basis after the first Monday in October.

[81 FR 80556, Nov. 15, 2016]