42 CFR § 422.512 - Termination of contract by the MA organization.

§ 422.512 Termination of contract by the MA organization.

(a) Cause for termination. The MA organization may terminate the MA contract if CMS fails to substantially carry out the terms of the contract.

(b) Notice. The MA organization must give advance notice as follows:

(1) To CMS, at least 90 days before the intended date of termination. This notice must specify the reasons why the MA organization is requesting contract termination.

(2) To its Medicare enrollees, at least 60 days before the termination effective date. This notice must include a written description of alternatives available for obtaining Medicare services within the services area, including alternative MA plans, Medigap options, original Medicare and must receive CMS approval.

(3) To the general public at least 60 days before the termination effective date by publishing an CMS-approved notice in one or more newspapers of general circulation in each community or county located in the MA organization's geographic area.

(c) Effective date of termination. The effective date of the termination is determined by CMS and is at least 90 days after the date CMS receives the MA organization's notice of intent to terminate.

(d) CMS's liability. CMS's liability for payment to the MA organization ends as of the first day of the month after the last month for which the contract is in effect.

(e) Effect of termination by the organization.

(1) CMS may deny an application for a new contract or a service area expansion from an MA organization that has terminated its contract within the preceding 2 years unless there are circumstances that warrant special consideration, as determined by CMS. This prohibition may apply regardless of the contract type, product type, or service area of the previous contract.

(2) During the same 2-year period specified in paragraph (e)(1) of this section, CMS will not contract with an organization whose covered persons also served as covered persons for the terminating sponsor. A “covered person” as used in this paragraph means one of the following:

(i) All owners of nonrenewal or terminated organizations who are natural persons, other than shareholders who have an ownership interest of less than 5 percent.

(ii) An owner in whole or part interest in any mortgage, deed of trust, note or other obligation secured (in whole or in part) by the organization, or any of the property or assets thereof, which whole or part interest is equal to or exceeds 5 percent of the total property and assets of the organization.

(iii) A member of the board of directors of the entity, if the organization is organized as a corporation.

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