42 CFR § 423.150 - Scope.

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§ 423.150 Scope.
Link to an amendment published at 89 FR 30834, Apr. 23, 2024.

This subpart sets forth the requirements relating to the following:

(a) Drug utilization management programs, quality assurance measures and systems, and medication therapy management programs (MTMP) for Part D sponsors.

(b) Appropriate dispensing of prescription drugs in long-term care facilities under PDPs and MA-PD plans.

(c) Consumer satisfaction surveys of Part D plans.

(d) Electronic prescription drug programs for prescribers, dispensers, and Part D sponsors.

(e) Quality improvement organization (QIO) activities.

(f) Compliance deemed on the basis of accreditation.

(g) Accreditation organizations.

(h) Procedures for the approval of accreditation organizations as a basis for deeming compliance.

[70 FR 4525, Jan. 28, 2005, as amended at 70 FR 67593, Nov. 7, 2005; 76 FR 21573, Apr. 15, 2011]