42 CFR § 423.32 - Enrollment process.

§ 423.32 Enrollment process.
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(a) General rule. A Part D eligible individual who wishes to enroll in a PDP may enroll during the enrollment periods specified in § 423.38, by filing the appropriate enrollment form with the PDP or through other mechanisms CMS determines are appropriate.

(b) Enrollment form or CMS-approved enrollment mechanism. The enrollment form or CMS-approved enrollment mechanism must comply with CMS instructions regarding content and format and must have been approved by CMS as described in § 423.2262.

(1) The enrollment must be completed by the individual and include an acknowledgement by the beneficiary for disclosure and exchange of necessary information between the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (or its designees) and the PDP sponsor. Individuals who assist beneficiaries in completing the enrollment, including authorized representatives, must indicate they have provided assistance and their relationship to the beneficiary.

(2) Part D eligible individuals enrolling or enrolled in a Part D plan must provide information regarding reimbursement for Part D costs through other insurance, group health plan or other third-party payment arrangement, and consent to the release of the information provided by the individual on other insurance, group health plan or other third-party payment arrangements, as well as any other information on reimbursement of Part D costs collected or obtained from other sources, in a form and manner approved by CMS.

(c) Timely process an individual's enrollment request. A PDP sponsor must timely process an individual's enrollment request in accordance with CMS enrollment guidelines and enroll Part D eligible individuals who are eligible to enroll in its plan under § 423.30(a) and who elect to enroll or are enrolled in the plan during the periods specified in § 423.38.

(d) Notice requirement. The PDP sponsor must provide the individual with prompt notice of acceptance or denial of the individual's enrollment request, in a format and manner specified by CMS.

(e) Maintenance of enrollment. An individual who is enrolled in a PDP remains enrolled in that PDP until one of the following occurs:

(i) The individual successfully enrolls in another PDP or MA-PD plan;

(ii) The individual voluntarily disenrolls from the PDP;

(iii) The individual is involuntary disenrolled from the PDP in accordance with § 423.44(b)(2);

(iv) The PDP is discontinued within the area in which the individual resides; or

(iv) The individual is enrolled after the initial enrollment, in accordance with § 423.34(c).

(f) Enrollees of cost-based HMOs or CMPs and PACE. Individuals enrolled in a cost-based HMO or CMP plan (as defined in part 417 of this chapter) or PACE (as defined in § 460.6 of this chapter) that offers prescription drug coverage under this part as of December 31, 2005, remain enrolled in that plan as of January 1, 2006, and receive Part D benefits offered by that plan until one of the conditions in § 423.32(e) are met.

(g) Passive enrollment by CMS. In situations involving either immediate terminations as provided in § 423.509(a)(5) or § 422.510(a)(5) of this chapter, or other situations in which CMS determines that remaining enrolled in a plan poses potential harm to plan members, CMS may implement passive enrollment procedures.

(1) Passive enrollment procedures. Individuals will be considered to have enrolled in the plan selected by CMS unless individuals—

(i) Decline the plan selected by CMS, in a form and manner determined by CMS; or

(ii) Request enrollment in another plan.

(2) Beneficiary notification. The organization that receives the enrollment must provide notification that describes the costs and benefits of the new plan and the process for accessing care under the plan and the beneficiary's ability to decline the enrollment or choose another plan. Such notification must be provided to all potential enrollees prior to the enrollment effective date (or as soon as possible after the effective date if prior notice is not practical), in a form and manner determined by CMS.

(3) Special election period. All individuals will be provided with a special enrollment period, as described in § 423.38(c)(8)(ii).

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