42 CFR § 423.350 - Payment appeals.

§ 423.350 Payment appeals.

(a) Payment determinations -

(1) Payment methods subject to appeal. If CMS did not apply its stated payment methodology correctly, a Part D sponsor may appeal the following:

(i) The reconciled health status risk adjustment of the direct subsidy as provided in § 423.343(b).

(ii) The reconciled reinsurance payments under § 423.343(c).

(iii) The reconciled final payments made for low-income cost sharing subsidies provided in § 423.343(d).

(iv) Final risk-sharing payments made under § 423.336.

(v) The reconciled coverage gap discount payment under § 423.2320(b).

(2) Payment information not subject to appeal. Payment information submitted to CMS under § 423.322 and reconciled under § 423.343 or submitted and reconciled under § 423.2320(b) is final and may not be appealed nor may the appeals process be used to submit new information after the submission of information necessary to determine retroactive adjustments and reconciliations.

(b) Request for reconsideration -

(1) Time for filing a request. The request for reconsideration must be filed within 15 days from the date of the final payment. For purposes of this paragraph, the date of final payment is one of the following:

(i) For risk adjustment, the date of the final reconciled payment under § 423.343(b) of this subpart.

(ii) For reinsurance, the date of the final reconciled payment under § 423.343(c) of this subpart; for low-income cost sharing subsidies, the date of the final reconciled payment under § 423.343(d) of this subpart.

(iii) For risk-sharing payments, the date of the final payments under § 423.336 of this subpart.

(iv) For the Coverage Gap Discount Program, the date of the final reconciled payment under § 423.2320(b).

(2) Content of request. The request for reconsideration must specify the findings or issues with which the Part D sponsor disagrees and the reasons for the disagreements. Excluding new payment information, the request for reconsideration may include additional documentary evidence the sponsor wishes CMS to consider.

(3) Conduct of informal written reconsideration. In conducting the reconsideration, CMS reviews the payment determination, the evidence and findings upon which it was based, and any other written evidence submitted by the Part D sponsor or by CMS before notice of the reconsidered determination is made.

(4) Decision of the informal written reconsideration. CMS informs the sponsor of the decision orally or through electronic mail. CMS sends a written decision to the Part D sponsor on the sponsor's request.

(5) Effect of CMS informal written reconsideration. A reconsideration decision, whether delivered orally or in writing, is final and binding unless a request for hearing is filed in accordance with paragraph (c) of this section, or it is revised in accordance with § 423.346.

(c) Right to informal hearing. A Part D sponsor dissatisfied with the CMS reconsideration decision is entitled to an informal hearing as provided in this section.

(1) Manner and timing for request. A request for a hearing must be made in writing and filed with CMS within 15 days of the date the Part D sponsor receives the CMS reconsideration decision.

(2) Content of request. The request for informal hearing must include a copy of the CMS reconsideration decision (if any) and must specify the findings or issues in the decision with which the Part D sponsor disagrees and the reasons for the disagreements.

(3) Informal hearing procedures.

(i) CMS provides written notice of the time and place of the informal hearing at least 10 days before the scheduled date.

(ii) The hearing are conducted by a CMS hearing officer who neither receives testimony nor accepts any new evidence that was not presented with the reconsideration request. The CMS hearing officer is limited to the review of the record that was before CMS when CMS made both its initial and reconsideration determinations.

(iii) If CMS did not issue a written reconsideration decision, the hearing officer may request, but not require, a written statement from CMS or its contractors explaining CMS' determination, or CMS or its contractors may, on their own, submit the written statement to the hearing officer. Failure of CMS to submit a written statement does not result in any adverse findings against CMS and may not in any way be taken into account by the hearing officer in reaching a decision.

(4) Decision of the CMS hearing officer. The CMS hearing officer decides the case and sends a written decision to the Part D sponsor, explaining the basis for the decision.

(5) Effecting of hearing officer decision. The hearing officer decision is final and binding, unless the decision is reversed or modified by the Administrator in accordance with paragraph (d) of this section.

(d) Review by the Administrator.

(1) A Part D sponsor that has received a hearing officer decision upholding a CMS initial or reconsidered determination may request review by the Administrator within 15 days of receipt of the hearing officer's decision.

(2) The Administrator may review the hearing officer's decision, any written documents submitted to CMS or to the hearing officer, as well as any other information included in the record of the hearing officer's decision and determine whether to uphold, reverse or modify the hearing officer's decision.

(3) The Administrator's determination is final and binding.

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