42 CFR § 424.101 - Definitions.

§ 424.101 Definitions.

As used in this subpart, unless the context indicates otherwise -

Emergency services means inpatient or outpatient hospital services that are necessary to prevent death or serious impairment of health and, because of the danger to life or health, require use of the most accessible hospital available and equipped to furnish those services.

Hospital means a facility that -

(1) Is primarily engaged in providing, by or under the supervision of doctors of medicine or osteopathy, inpatient services for the diagnosis, treatment, and care or rehabilitation of persons who are sick, injured, or disabled;

(2) Is not primarily engaged in providing skilled nursing care and related services for patients who require medical or nursing care, as described in section 1861(j)(1)(A) of the Act;

(3) Provides 24-hour nursing service in accordance with section 1861(e)(5) of the Act; and

(4) Is licensed, or is approved as meeting the standards for licensing, by the State or local licensing agency.

Reasonable charges means customary charges insofar as they are reasonable.