42 CFR 426.476 - Board review of an ALJ's decision.

§ 426.476 Board review of an ALJ's decision.

(a)Review steps. If the Board determines that an appeal is acceptable, the Board -

(1) Permits the party that did not file the appeal an opportunity to respond to the appeal;

(2) Hears oral argument (which may be held by telephone) if the Board determines that oral argument would be helpful to the Board's review of the ALJ decision;

(3) Reviews the LCD review record and the parties' arguments; and

(4) Issues a written decision either upholding, modifying, or reversing the ALJ decision, or remanding the case to the ALJ for further proceedings.

(b)Standard of review -

(1)In general. The Board determines whether the ALJ decision contains any material error, including any failure to properly apply the reasonableness standard.

(2) If the ALJ erred in determining that the contractor's record was complete and adequate to support the validity of the LCD, the Board remands the case to the ALJ for discovery and the taking of evidence.

(3) If a party alleges a prejudicial error of procedure, and the Board determines that such an error was made, the Board may remand the case to the ALJ for further proceedings consistent with the Board decision or may take other appropriate steps to correct the procedural error.

(4) Harmless error is not a basis for reversing an ALJ decision.

(c)Scope of review. In reaching its conclusions, the Board is bound by applicable laws, regulations, and NCDs.

(d)Dismissal as moot. The Board dismisses an appeal by an aggrieved party of an ALJ decision finding that an LCD was valid if the contractor notifies the Board that it has retired the LCD or revised the LCD to remove the LCD provision in question.

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