42 CFR § 431.200 - Basis and scope.

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§ 431.200 Basis and scope.

This subpart—

(a) Implements section 1902(a)(3) of the Act, which requires that a State plan provide an opportunity for a fair hearing to any person whose claim for assistance is denied or not acted upon promptly;

(b) Prescribes procedures for an opportunity for a hearing if the State agency or non-emergency transportation PAHP (as defined in § 438.9(a) of this chapter) takes action, as stated in this subpart, to suspend, terminate, or reduce services, or of an adverse benefit determination by an MCO, PIHP or PAHP under subpart F of part 438 of this chapter; and

(c) Implements sections 1919(f)(3) and 1919(e)(7)(F) of the Act by providing an appeals process for any person who—

(1) Is subject to a proposed transfer or discharge from a nursing facility; or

(2) Is adversely affected by the pre-admission screening or the annual resident review that are required by section 1919(e)(7) of the Act.

(d) Implements section 1943(b)(3) of the Act and section 1413 of the Affordable Care Act to permit coordinated hearings and appeals among insurance affordability programs.

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