42 CFR § 431.213 - Exceptions from advance notice.

§ 431.213 Exceptions from advance notice.
Link to an amendment published at 89 FR 22866, Apr. 2, 2024.

The agency may send a notice not later than the date of action if—

(a) The agency has factual information confirming the death of a beneficiary;

(b) The agency receives a clear written statement signed by a beneficiary that—

(1) He no longer wishes services; or

(2) Gives information that requires termination or reduction of services and indicates that he understands that this must be the result of supplying that information;

(c) The beneficiary has been admitted to an institution where he is ineligible under the plan for further services;

(d) The beneficiary's whereabouts are unknown and the post office returns agency mail directed to him indicating no forwarding address (See § 431.231 (d) of this subpart for procedure if the beneficiary's whereabouts become known);

(e) The agency establishes the fact that the beneficiary has been accepted for Medicaid services by another local jurisdiction, State, territory, or commonwealth;

(f) A change in the level of medical care is prescribed by the beneficiary's physician;

(g) The notice involves an adverse determination made with regard to the preadmission screening requirements of section 1919(e)(7) of the Act; or

(h) The date of action will occur in less than 10 days, in accordance with § 483.15(b)(4)(ii) and (b)(8), which provides exceptions to the 30 days notice requirements of § 483.15(b)(4)(i) of this chapter.

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