42 CFR § 431.240 - Conducting the hearing.

§ 431.240 Conducting the hearing.

(a) All hearings must be conducted—

(1) At a reasonable time, date, and place;

(2) Only after adequate written notice of the hearing; and

(3) By one or more impartial officials or other individuals who have not been directly involved in the initial determination of the action in question.

(b) If the hearing involves medical issues such as those concerning a diagnosis, an examining physician's report, or a medical review team's decision, and if the hearing officer considers it necessary to have a medical assessment other than that of the individual involved in making the original decision, such a medical assessment must be obtained at agency expense and made part of the record.

(c) A hearing officer must have access to agency information necessary to issue a proper hearing decision, including information concerning State policies and regulations.

[44 FR 17932, Mar. 29, 1979, as amended at 78 FR 42302, July 15, 2013]