42 CFR § 431.307 - Distribution of information materials.

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§ 431.307 Distribution of information materials.

(a) All materials distributed to applicants, beneficiaries, or medical providers must—

(1) Directly relate to the administration of the Medicaid program;

(2) Have no political implications except to the extent required to implement the National Voter Registration Act of 1993 (NVRA) Pub. L. 103-931; for States that are exempt from the requirements of NVRA, voter registration may be a voluntary activity so long as the provisions of section 7(a)(5) of NVRA are observed;

(3) Contain the names only of individuals directly connected with the administration of the plan; and

(4) Identify those individuals only in their official capacity with the State or local agency.

(b) The agency must not distribute materials such as “holiday” greetings, general public announcements, partisan voting information and alien registration notices.

(c) The agency may distribute materials directly related to the health and welfare of applicants and beneficiaries, such as announcements of free medical examinations, availability of surplus food, and consumer protection information.

(d) Under NVRA, the agency must distribute voter information and registration materials as specified in NVRA.

[44 FR 17934, Mar. 29, 1979, as amended at 61 FR 58143, Nov. 13, 1996]