42 CFR § 431.50 - Statewide operation.

§ 431.50 Statewide operation.

(a) Statutory basis. Section 1902(a)(1) of the Act requires a State plan to be in effect throughout the State, and section 1915 permits certain exceptions.

(b) State plan requirements. A State plan must provide that the following requirements are met:

(1) The plan will be in operation statewide through a system of local offices, under equitable standards for assistance and administration that are mandatory throughout the State.

(2) If administered by political subdivisions of the State, the plan will be mandatory on those subdivisions.

(3) The agency will ensure that the plan is continuously in operation in all local offices or agencies through—

(i) Methods for informing staff of State policies, standards, procedures, and instructions;

(ii) Systematic planned examination and evaluation of operations in local offices by regularly assigned State staff who make regular visits; and

(iii) Reports, controls, or other methods.

(c) Exceptions.

(1) “Statewide operation” does not mean, for example, that every source of service must furnish the service State-wide. The requirement does not preclude the agency from contracting with a comprehensive health care organization (such as an HMO or a rural health clinic) that serves a specific area of the State, to furnish services to Medicaid beneficiaries who live in that area and chose to receive services from that HMO or rural health clinic. beneficiaries who live in other parts of the State may receive their services from other sources.

(2) Other allowable exceptions and waivers are set forth in §§ 431.54 and 431.55.

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